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2012 Vietnam Era Seabee Reunion - Hampton, VA
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Sea Stories 2012
Vigil Ceremony 2012
Highlights of Vetflix interview films from the Vietnam Era Seabees 2012 Reunion on Hampton, VA!  Hear Frank Thompson, Dave Brown, Squirrel Murphy and others recount their days as Seabees - these are stories sure to entertain, educate and engage viewers of all ages.  This amazing collection of films contains many memorable stories of enlistment, struggles, danger, loss and pride.

You'll want to share these stories with friends and family - and have an interview at next year's VNES Reunion!
This one hour DVD captures the words and passion of Rev. Donald Denton as he conducts the vigil service at the Vietnam Era Seabees Reunion in Hampton, VA.

This vigil service includes the Ceremony of the Table, a deeply significant and memorable tribute to those yet to return from war.  For those who were there, this film hearkens back to that day and the time shared together. For those who weren’t, this is a chance to see the vigil experience and honor those who served.
Special 2 Disc Set: 2012 Sea Stories & Vigil Ceremony
DVD Preview
DVD Preview
Vetflix is proud to offer a two-volume
VNES Hampton 2012 reunion set!  

Get both the Vigil Ceremony DVD and the 2012 Sea Stories DVD in a custom Hampton VNES Reunion 2012 case. Preserve your memories of times together by making this set part of your collection today.

Two volume VNES Hampton 2012 DVD set with custom case:  $35  (plus $4.95 shipping and handling!)

2 Disc Set

* $ 4.95 will be added for S&H

Only $ 35.00 ea. *