Ray Vercoe

“It’s been an honor having an interview...”
   Coming Home
“He got a hold of a whiskey bottle in Oakland, and never let it go for forty years”
Coming Home - WWII vs Vietnam
Seabees are Great
“They’re a different breed of cat.”
Seabees are Great - Mobile Testimonials
Ray - Testimonial “For the first time since John Wayne and the Fighting Seabees there’s a group whose mission is to make the Seabee’s mission known.”  																	

Bear Holland, past NSVA National Commander
page 93
  Carl Barrett
“Thank you for what you’re doing...”
Carl - Testimonial
“I appreciate you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s very, very good...it’s gonna be very educational to a young person.”        
Carl Barrett, NSVA  National Commander   

“People need to understand the Seabees, especially WWII.
This is very important work.” 											
Norm Hill, past NSVA National Commander