“When my country needs me to, we’ll definitely fight...”
  Dangers of Deployment
Dangers of Deployment
page 93
  The Final Chapter
“Rest in Peace: Robert Flannery”
The Final Chapter
Bob - Purple Heart - Mobile Purple Heart
“...I thought a sniper got me.”
A Bad Scene
“All night long...”
Ray - A Bad Scene
“They would kill you in a second...”
Michael - Guantanamo
Vic - What's a Seabee - Mobile What are the Seabees?
“It aggravates me sometimes...even today.”
Norm - Boredom - Mobile Boredom
“...he put me inside and closed the door...”
Mortar Attack
“They’re yelling ‘Oh my God...run Squirrel RUN!’”
Squirrel - Mortar Attack
Stay in the Tracks
“...and she got off the road... I freaked out...”
Jordan - Stay in the Tracks - Mobile
Carl - Police Action - Mobile Police Action
“When we went into Korea, we were tired of war.” ggravates me sometimes...even today.”
  Coming Home
“He got a hold of a whiskey bottle in Oakland, and never let it go for forty years”
Coming Home - WWII vs Vietnam
Seabees are Great
“They’re a different breed of cat.”
Seabees are Great - Mobile Promoting the Seabee Legacy
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